Tips for Crypto Trading on Twitter


Tipping by Bitcoin

After adding the preferred payment means like Bandcamp, Venmo, and Cash Appt to Tipping, you can get success. Similarly, some other means include Patreon and Razorpay. Furthermore, you will reach the relevant app after tapping on the selected service.


Moreover, you can use Bitcoin for tipping now by using Strike, which is a lightning network specifically for Bitcoin. Likewise, you can receive payments from any part of the world through this app for free.

Add the Address of Bitcoin to ‘Tips’

In the same way, the address of Bitcoin can be added to the tips which are enabled on your Twitter profile. Therefore, the buyers can send you payments through this address. They have to paste the provided address into the wallet to transfer the amount.

So, this is the easiest way of selling and purchasing any digital currency through social accounts like Twitter. But, it is restricted for people of age below 18. Likewise, it is a safe means to entertain your service. In addition to this, you have to sign up an agreement with Twitter before starting it and follow all the rules given by it.

Use Tag

Another important and excellent idea is to use hashtags on your Twitter account to grow it like a standard account. These hashtags can help you to deliver your vision and your crypto tips to the Twitter account.

Moreover, it would be helpful to know the latest trends and updates regarding cryptocurrency, trading, and bitcoins. Use top 10 crypto accounts and understand how they are managing their performance to boost organic traffic. For more information about the latest trends, keep reading our latest blogs.

We above the above information is helpful for you.