Magnetic Miles – NEW Energy – 35 World Patients – ICO Votonx Token

Magnetic Miles
Magnetic Miles

Florida, US, July 1st 2023, Press Release Magnetic Miles Votonx technology will bing disruptive green technology to mainstream commercial fulfillment. The company is developing an array of technologies that will change the future of energy production.

35 World patients, 17 years in development to completion. Now Magnetic Miles launch the VTNX coin to upscale the energy company’s developments

Among these are the following research and development activity goals:

• Remediation of the nuclear waste as produced by all sources.

• Produce abundant, low-cost, non-polluting energy, permitting the following:

• Cost-advantage heat & electricity production.             

• Inexpensive hydrogen production.                               

Magnetic Miles

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Here is the live chart at of 7/11/2023

 VTNX  0.000005

Fund your Meta mask wallet, launch QuickSwap app. Paste this link below in the token search

VTNX contact address:  0x3d1b34db20dd01a5e744fb44a086b34c963ab7de

Magnetic Miles LLC, a LENR Energy Technologies company has launched “VTNX” a new cryptocurrency token to the public on Polygon Mainnet. The company based in Stuart Florida chose to back their new token with MATIC on the advice of Michael J.Ceely, the renowned Crypto Developer who is leading the Magnetic Miles LLC /Votonx Division Crypto Team. “VTNX/MATIC is the pair to observe”, says John E. Pierson COO of Magnetic Miles LLC, “we believe this is the greatest pairing since Burgers and Fries.”

The unique LENR Technologies from Magnetic Miles LLC have come to the attention of the US Department of Energy APRA-E through Team Partnering in the development of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. “Our LENR Magnetic Impulse Controlled Plasma power source techonolgy operates at room temperature and releases hydrogen as a byproduct”, said Mr. Pierson.

The company has joined with (CEBN) the Clean Energy Business Network on the Energizing Rural Communities effort to bring new clean energy to Rural, Underserved and Tribal communities in the

United States. Visit to learn more about Magnetic Miles LLC 17 year history of Disruptive Clean Energy patented projects.

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