ELYSIA 2024: Pioneering RWA and STO Integration in Blockchain


In 2023, 엘리시아 (Elysia) made significant advancements in the blockchain sector, notably in Real World Assets (RWA) and Security Token Offerings (STO). Our expansion into areas like U.S. Treasury bonds and Korean credit card receivables marked a strategic shift towards diverse asset tokenization. However, challenges such as legal complexities surrounding RWA ownership, Oracle system accuracy, asset variety, market volatility, and accessibility were notable.


For 2024, Elysia is setting a bold vision to further integrate RWA and STO into blockchain technology. Our focus will be on:

  • Addressing RWA Ownership Issues: By implementing a DAO LLC structure, we aim to solidify legal ownership of RWAs.
  • Refining the Oracle Protocol: Enhancing accuracy and reliability in representing RWAs on the blockchain.
  • Broadening Asset Variety: Expanding our RWA portfolio to include a more diverse range of assets, enhancing market appeal.
  • Managing Market Volatility: With the introduction of the Elysia Won Stable Protocol, we plan to stabilize the impact of exchange rate fluctuations and other market volatilities.
  • Improving Accessibility: Developing a user-centric DAO platform to make investing in 실물자산토큰 (real-world assets) more approachable and engaging.
  • Additionally, Elysia is committed to enhancing global engagement through international exchange listings and continuously refining our tokenomics to mirror the project’s growth.
RWA and STO Integration in Blockchain

In 2024, Elysia is poised to lead in the integration of RWA and STO, shaping a dynamic and inclusive market for 실물자산토큰. We thank our community for their unwavering support and look forward to a transformative year ahead in the blockchain industry.