Earn $10 Worth of Free CureCoin Each Month!


Tired of having to buy cryptocurrencies? What if you could earn real crypto for free, just by chatting in a Discord server? Now you can with CureCoin.


What is CureCoin?

CureCoin is a cryptocurrency that allows you to contribute your computing power towards important medical research projects. CureCoin aims to reward users who dedicate their devices to analyze molecular datasets that could help find cures for diseases.

It is a blockchain project that aims to contribute computing power to medical research while offering value to miners through its unique proof-of-work and proof-of-stake hybrid model. By dedicating 99.9% of mining electricity to medical studies, Curecoin seeks to be more environmentally sustainable than other cryptocurrencies.

How to Start Earning CureCoin

By joining the Prote-Pavilion Discord server at https://mee6.xyz/i/GKc6dRBVc5, you can begin earning CureCoin through their “Prote points system.” Each day, type at least two words in designated channels to earn points. Accumulate enough points over time, and you can exchange them for approximately $10 worth of CURE tokens per month.

The Prote Points System

Within the Prote-Pavilion server, a points-based system called “Prote points” tracks your daily engagement. Simply by being an active participant in discussions, you will accumulate points over time. These points can later be redeemed for CureCoin tokens through a streamlined process run by the server admins.

Join a Great Community

In addition to contributing to important causes and earning free crypto, you’ll become part of a fun, supportive community. Members share comedy, news, stock tips and more. It’s a lively place to chat with people who share your interests in cryptocurrency and making a positive difference.

Start Earning Today

Join the movement and start profiting from CureCoin, absolutely free. Simply join the Discord server at https://mee6.xyz/i/GKc6dRBVc5 and begin engaging to earn your first Prote points. Let’s work together towards medical breakthroughs and a healthier future for all.